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Sole Stopperz are petal-shaped adhesives that you place on the outer soles of your shoes to add traction that allows you to strut safely and confidently. Each package includes 1 pair of black and 1 pair of clear Sole Stopperz. A great plus is that they also protect your outside soles from wear and tear.

Tina Aldatz™ Tips: #5

I’m going to attend a concert soon, and as we all know, that means lots of walking! I really want to rock the Sam Edelman Zoe booties. What can I use to wear them comfortably AND prevent me from slipping on concrete?

Thanks for your e-mail. I like to start off by saying those are some HOT shoes, I don’t blame you for buying them; luckily I can offer some help to make them comfortable enough to wear at the concert.

First, I suggest our Sexy Soles; these are perfect for boots and they are customizable for size and shape. These will make your boots more comfortable to wear all night long. For slipping on concrete, I suggest our Sole Stopperz (pictured below); this will give the bottom of your shoe traction so you won’t have to worry about slipping!

April Footwear Tip

Kitten Heel

A typical Kitten Heel is less then 1 ½- inch high, so this modest and practical heel is perfect for any time. By dressing this heel up in a fun color it not only promotes comfort, but fashion.

Kitten Heels are great alternative to stiletto’s because there is no pressure on the ball-of-foot. Remember: a 3-inch heel creates 7 times more foot stress then a 1-inch heel.

Foot Petals Tip:

Even with a low heel shoe, you stand the risk of slipping and falling. Lessen your chance of having a little mishap by adding Sole Stopperz to the bottom of your sole.  Sole Stopperz adds traction as well as protects painted bottoms.


I definitely have a love hate relationship with platforms.

Love them because:

  • I’m suddenly super tall & my legs look miles long.
  • They are not as painful as stilettos because a lot of the weight is taken off the ball of the foot.

Hate them because:

  • I’m afraid I will twist my ankle at any given moment.
  • If not worn correctly can make you look “bottom chunky” as opposed to a sleek stiletto.

A few suggestions when wearing platforms:

  • Don’t wear them on a blind date, he may be short.
  • Use protection, wear Foot Petals: KILLER KUSHIONZ to keep the foot stable with every step.
  • If the sole is slick, use Foot Petals: SOLE STOPPERZ to prevent slipping on the floor.
  • Buckle or tie straps tightly – a snug fit is key to safety and avoiding “wardrobe malfunctions”.