Make Your Old Shoes Look New Again!

With the new year here, don’t you wish your shoe collection could look new again without paying the steep price of replacing most of them? That’s where Foot Petals shoe care saves the day!

If you have scratches or scuff marks on your shoes, the Perfect Polish pen is just what you need. It is the perfect touch up pen for on the go. The pen is the perfect size for carrying in your bag, it is a hands free applicator with a quick dry formula that does not require buffing. It will leave a high gloss shine in place of an old scuff mark or scratch.

If you want your shoes to shine and luster as much as the day you you first bought them, try Foot Petals Instant Shine Sponge. It will renew your shoes in seconds. The instant shine sponge leaves no mess and can be used over 100 times! It is a convenient size, perfect for travel and to keep in your purse or desk!



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